I am an addict

My name is Mark and I am an addict,

I understand what other addicts are going through when they are gripped by an addiction. Not just the addicts but their families and friends as well.

Addiction destroys our lives, rips through our families, damages relationships, health, careers and opportunities. Its effects are always wide-ranging, often incalculable and can be fatal.

Addiction is also a lonely place. It isolates people from all the real world.

We know how vulnerable addicts can feel.

Understanding how you feel is crucial to be able to help you.

To start the journey of recovery takes courage.

You can stop the suffering now – I am here to help you.

Call us to overcome drug abuse, alcoholism, or a process disorder with the focus and experience of addicts in recovery.

We did it….

For French addicts : + 33 652 23 55 05

For Spanish addicts : + 34 690 24 32 07

For UK addicts : + 44 79 79 14 14 90

An english native addict in recovery will answer the phone

For general information call our european number : + 33 652 23 55 05

If you have any problem to reach us, please send a message to this direction : afder1@gmail.com