If you have a problem with addiction, We can help you !


Help you to find the right treatment center,

Help you to walk the path of recovery,

Help you to understand your addiction,

If drugs and alcohol has become a problem in your office, administration,

If the cost of addiction has become a problem for your business,

We can help you to turn a nightmare into a productive situation,

What makes us different from other professionals and worth it :

  • We are a red professionals of addiction located all over Europe,
  • Most of us are addicts in recovery,
  • An addict helping another addict, that’s how it works !
  • We are the proof that our system works.

Please give you a chance and contact :

For France : + 33 652 23 55 05
For Spain : + 34 690 24 32 07

An addict in recovery will answer the phone
For general information call our European number : + 33 652 23 55 05

If you have any problem in reaching us, please send a message to this direction : after.asso@gmail.com

Julien Chartier
President of After
Tel : +33 614 34 07 37